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Simple Yet Effective Software Development

.NET Development Tools

Code protection & decompilation.

Mobile Software

Software for android and iOS


Available for consultancy and outsourcing work.

.NET Development Tools


Decompile .NET Assemblies to C#/VB.NET CodeReflect is a standalone free .NET decompiler, made available to the .NET development community.

Mobile Software

Voice Tools

Analyse your pitch & volume in real-time; this tool is aimed at speech therapy patients. It is currently used by voice therapists around the world and is available for iOS and Android.

Rate My Voice

A new social experiment, where you can listen and rate other peoples voices or submit a sample of your own voice and ask other people to rate it. Available for iOS and Android.

Visitor Count

Keep track of the number of people in your shop, pub, or other venue so that you don’t exceed your max capacity.


We now provide a consultancy/outsourcing service. If you have a project that you would like us to get involved with, send us an email providing details on the project and we will get in touch.
All development is done in the UK, and pricing is subject to the number of man days required for the project.

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