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Voice Tools

An iOS/Android app for transgender voice therapy with pitch, volume, & tone analysis.


Get a visual indication of your voice pitch in real-time.

Over 1000 phonetically balanced sentences to read, that are specifically designed to go from one phonetic sound to another.

Replay and listen to the last 5-30 seconds of audio, your recordings are not saved to disk and are automatically deleted after playback so you don’t have to manually delete anything after a few hours of practice.


1. Read the sentence at the bottom of the screen out-loud three times.  Press replay and listen to your voice.  You can see a visual indication of your pitch  on screen to help you with getting your pitch to the right place, but you will have to listen to the playback to determine if your resonance and intonation are right.

2. Read a child’s bed-time story book out loud, after reading each page press replay and listen to what you have said.  At first focus on your pitch, but once you have got that right make sure to use the repay functionality to focus on improving your resonance and intonation.  Childrens books are great for this as they have relatively simple and short sentences with easier to pronounce phonetic words.  It is also important to focus on conveying your emotion with your words. 


Listen to various tones, so you can hear what they sound like so that you can match them yourself.


1. Find the tone that you want to focus on, trans women should focus on achieving a tone on the lower end of the female spectrum, and trans men should focus on a tone towards the top end of the male spectrum. Make a hmmmmmmming sound and try and match the tone. Once you have hmm down, try and get other words to match.

2. Read a childrens book allowed, after each sentence hmm and realign your voice with your chosen tone.


Troubleshooting & Support

The most common problem people experience is poor/failure to detect pitch, the pitch appearing to be random/all over the place, or poor audio playback.  Most of these problems can be resolved by using headphones with a built-in microphone and reducing any background noise. The algorithm to detect pitch is highly sensitive to background noise and the automatic noise-cancellation that some phones use can unfortunately interfere with the algorithm.

Use Headphones!!!

Voice therapist designed, we have specifically excluded any lessons with the app.  It is designed to support voice therapy and be a tool to assist people, rather than a lesson based system.

Non-intrusive adverts are displayed within the app in order to fund ongoing development and future improvements.  If you would like to support development, or simply remove the adverts please consider the paid option to do so in the settings menu.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please let us know. You can contact us from within the app.

Enjoy and have fun 🙂

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